About Me

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! This is Caked-Up coming at you talking about me! I love talking about me.

I am a happily married man (most of the time) and a devoted father one amazing child. I reside in North East Kansas and I work as the Director of Security for a small private college, which makes Red Alert a fun character to own. The same goes for K-9 from Beast Wars I guess. All in all, life is good.

I have always been a fan of the franchise even though I missed the initial run of Generation 1; I was born in May of 1983. I did catch quite a bit of Generation 2 for what it was worth though. Beast Wars was where it was at for me and is still my number one favorite portion of the franchise, but Transformers Animated is either right there with it or just a hair behind it.

Regardless of my age and whether I collected the toys or not, I have always visited the toy aisles of the various stores to see what they are doing with the franchise now and then as well as read the bios. That all changed in July of 2009 when I was diagnosed with a rare form of testicular cancer. My favorite hobbies involving serious mountain bikes (downhill rigs) had to get shelved for a while because I knew it would be years before I could enjoy that again. As luck would have it though, the hit movie Revenge of the Fallen (laugh now please) had just been released and there were Transformers everywhere! After I had acquired about 30 figures or so I was introduced to world of "Transformers Toy Reviews" by a spectacular guy known as Philister; the proprietor of Transformers-Universe.com. Starting with the ROTF Lockdown figure, I did some text reviews for a few months but I eventually made the shift to video reviews on YouTube.com, I debuted with the ROTF Stratosphere in January 2010.

For the foreseeable future I intend to continue making new content for my viewers because I like doing this for fun. I have landed a sponsor in DubK Toys and More and the owner is a fantastic guy, but I made it a point to specify that I get to say what I really feel about a toy. If it is not a good purchase then I will tell you so, case in point was Cubex Robots Huff!

Feel free to email me at james.c.forbus@gmail.com for any questions you might have. I am a very busy individual but I should have a response back to you in a few days or so. For those who are curious though, the name Caked-Up is a name I created about a decade ago by combining the two of my favorite hobbies. I currently ride a Gary Fisher Cake1 DLX custom mountain bike and it is usually “caked up” in mud. I created the original logo myself and it was clearly inspired by the 1-up mushroom from the Super Mario franchise. The Mario Kart games in particular are my favorite.

Many thanks to everyone for coming on over to my website and checking it out! This site is brought to you by some fantastic students from DeVry University, my own Alumni. Sydney, Mike, Phil, and ?????? worked tirelessly for five months to produce the site so I didn't have to. Best of all, I didn't have to pay them! However, to any potential employers checking out their handiwork feel free to email me at james.c.forbus@gmail.com and I will provide an honest recommendation letter on their behalf.

I want to give a quick shout out to Emgo316, Peaugh, Optibotimus, Plasticon, TJDuckett, Baltmatrix, ultra maximus, and many more. It is by watching their videos that I was able to learn how to create the format for my own.